The market leader for high-quality packing and filling solutions for customers in the cement, building materials, mining, chemicals and food industry.

We are a 100% subsidiary of the German family-owned and managed company HAVER & BOECKER founded in 1887 withover 130 years of innovation and experience with regard to the storing, mixing, packing and dispatching of bulk material. Together with over 50 subsidiary companies on all five continents HAVER & BOECKER and its technology brands HAVER+TYLER, IBAU HAMBURG, SOMMER, BEHN+BATES, FEIGE FILLING and NEWTEC BAG PALLETIZING operates worldwide with more than 3,000 employees and 150 representatives.





  • Valve bag technology +

    • ROTO-PACKER® packing system:The rotating packing machine from HAVER & BOECKER, the HAVER ROTO-PACKER® , is designed to handle every loose, bulk material in the cement, building materials, minerals and chemical industries whenever high packing speeds are expected.
    • M-SERIES modular packing system:HAVER M-SERIES is a stationary packing machine for filling fine and coarse bulk products into 25 and 50-kg valve-bags made of paper, polyethylene or polypropylene. Also mixed and granular products can be filled trouble-free with our M-SERIES packing machine.
    • INTEGRA® integrated packing system:The HAVER INTEGRA® is a fully automatic packing system for filling bulk products into 25 or 50-kg valve-bags.
    • MINISEAL®The HAVER miniseal® , our mini Plug Pack system, is a fully automatic packing system for filling loose, bulk products into small packaging from 2 to 5 kg.
    • RADIMAT bag applicator:The RADIMAT family is a solution for all requirements. Whether it's glued or sewn, paper or plastic, rolled or bundled bags, this bag applicator can handle the empty bags you use.And can be used with rotating filling systems with 3 to 16 filling spouts.
  • Open bag technology +

    • FFS packing system:Packing grainy, granular and powder-type bulk products into plastic bags Form-Fill-Seal machines from HAVER & BOECKER are ideal for filling grainy, granular and powder-type bulk goods into plastic bags. Our high-speed systems offer you a clean, tightly shut and compact packaging. Other advantges are greater product protection and extended storage times.
    • TOPLINE® packing system:HAVER TOPLINE® 300 – for filling powder-products and flour The complete bag processing – from feeding, filling, compacting and to closing - is done inside a compact, dust-tight encapsulated housing.
  • Big bag filling +

    • Big bag filling system:The completely revamped Big Bag weighers stands for a maintenance-free system with a new drive technology for clean filling and high weight accuracy. Its modular design offers a high degree of flexibility. The new Big Bag system is especially suited for loose bulk materials of every type, especially for the construction, chemicals and foodstuffs industries. This new machine system combines all developed functions and allows individual solutions through its flexible modular design.
  • Liquid filling +

    • FEIGE Pail filling:Whenever pails need to be filled in an economic manner, using a pail filling equipment is inevitable. Decide for a turnkey filling solution – individually matched to your operating sequence
    • FEIGE Can filling:Whenever cans need to be filled, the use of filling equipment is inevitable. Decide for a turnkey filling solution – individually matched to your operating sequences:
    • FEIGE Pallet filling:Whenever containers on pallets need to be filled, the use of filling equipment is inevitable. Decide for a turnkey fi lling solution – individually matched to your operating sequences:
    • FEIGE Drum filling:Whenever drums need to be filled, the use of filling equipment is inevitable. Decide for a turnkey filling solution – individually matched to your operating sequences:
  • Conveying and loading system +

    • Transport sytems for large packages:For the secure and rapid transport of large packages, such as FIBCs, it is possible to use a forklift truck or a pallet transport system for higher outputs. These transport systems are designed to match the filling system and are equipped with roller conveyors and pallet singlers. We would be glad to advise you!
    • Truck and wagon loading for small packages:Are your filled bags transported by truck or train? For every case we offer the right loading solution. This includes:
      ■ Load conveyor design
      ■ Stationary and mobile machinery for loading trucks from the side, rear or from above
      ■ Machines in multiple, and three-dimensionally adjustable for the loading of wagons
  • Bulk loading +

    • Bulk loading:Stationary or mobile – the right system for every need The loading telescope can be designed as a stationary or mobile unit. The robust and low maintenance construction of the base assures maximum operating times. The mobile system can go into operation at a silo farm along with mobile FFS systems.
  • Palletizing +

    • NEWTEC BAG PALLETIZING System:Palletizing Systems for unit loads For unit loads, NEWTEC, with its know-how, proposes palletizing and depalletizing solutions integrating all market's technologies.
  • Mineral processing +

    • Mineral processing technology:Screen Media ■ Wire Cloth ■ Self Cleaning Screens ■ Hybrid Screens ■ Polyurethane Panels ■ Fine Screening ■ Engineering Screening Media


Preservation of the resources of our planet is very close to our heart.

Our responsibility

How we bring your products into perfect flow – on a life-long basis

When it comes to industrial processing of bulk goods and liquid products, there is always one key question: How do we ensure a steady, reliable, trouble-free, clean and efficient material flow?

From preparation and transportation over storage, mixing, filling and packaging through to palletisation and loading – we combine the products and services of all of our technology brands for your “Perfect Flow“. And we do this on a life-long basis: Using our life-cycle approach PROcheck we can show you, very concretely, where and how you can sustainably maximise your productivity and therefore your result over the whole life cycle of your plants, systems and machines.